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  • AAE Member Meeting 2016

In April 2017, the AAE Steering Committee (SC) expanded the network’s mission to reflect a more integrative approach. The new mission addresses tuberculosis (TB) and viral hepatitis as mono-infections, in addition to HIV/AIDS, reflecting a decision to use synergies and avoid duplications wherever and whenever possible. This is especially relevant for key populations who are particularly affected by, and vulnerable to, the three epidemics. However, most AAE member organisations perceive themselves as HIV/AIDS-service organisation providing services to beneficiaries affected by, and vulnerable to, HIV/AIDS and co-infections.


AAE’s mission is to strengthen civil society to work towards a more effective response to the HIV/AIDS, TB and viral hepatitis epidemics in Europe and Central Asia. We are striving for the best standards of human rights protection and universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support, tackling health inequalities and focusing on key affected populations.


Our vision is that equally across Europe and Central Asia, people living with, affected by and vulnerable to the life-threatening and chronic infections of HIV/AIDS, TB and viral hepatitis, lead as fulfilled and productive lives as possible, free from stigma, discrimination and persecution, and access the necessary prevention, treatment, care and support.


AAE’s strategic priorities are as follows:

  • We serve as a gateway to and for our members to drive forward advocacy for HIV/AIDS, TB and viral hepatitis policy change. 
  • We provide a platform for regular information exchange, knowledge sharing and networking.
  • We develop a stronger and more effective organisation and network amongst our members.

Core Values

  • Be accountable and hold others accountable
  • Work from a human rights based approach
  • Involve people affected by the epidemics (GIPA principle)
  • Facilitate a networking and partnership culture
  • Be transparent
  • Be inclusive
  • Make civil society’s voice heard
  • Make a difference

Ethical Code

AIDS Action Europe attaches great importance to partnerships with other organizations and with the private sector. These partnerships should sufficiently guarantee the independent position and the integrity of AIDS Action Europe. Therefore AIDS Action Europe has developed an ethical code that provides guidelines for partnerships. In addition, AIDS Action Europe endorses the code of good practice for NGOs responding to HIV/AIDS.

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